MageTool Update v0.3.0

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While at Magento Imagine I have used the time where I was awake due to jet lag to finish a couple of new features to MageTool.

MageTool v0.3.0 now includes:

  • Improved feedback when running commands for mage-core-resource
  • Added commands to query and run the Magento indexer
  • Added commands to query and run the Magento compiler
  • Improved mage-core-cache commands
  • Added functionality to run individual module setup classes directly
  • Added functionality to dispatch Magento events to test your observers

All of these commands are intended to make development of Magento extensions easier and more streamlined. If you have feature requests please let me know. Or if you wish feel free to fork the project on GitHub and add the command that you need.

If you find and bugs with MageTool please raise a ticket on GitHub.