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It has been an absolute age since I last created any new content for this blog. The main reason has been simply that I have been very very busy doing other things. However it is also that due to the fact that creating content through a browser and storing it in a database just did not fit with the way I work.

I spend most of my day working in a terminal window. I choose a text editor over an IDE, speed and flexibility over features. Okay I don’t go all the way back to basics I use TextMate and iTerm with ZSH and oh-my-zsh. All of these things let me work in the simplest most flexible way.

My blog on the other hand always felt restrictive. So after some conversation on twitter /cc @mpmlopes @__debo I spent a couple of hours over the weekend making the leap to octopress. Although not loaded with features this lets me create content in the simplest format, markdown in this case and using Git and some Ruby it is baked into a static blog hosted on Github using Github pages.

As you can see this has allowed me to create new content. Okay it is just an ‘Updated Blog’ statement but it is a statement of more to come. Some of what has been keeping me busy for the last 12 months should be good enough to create new posts.